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International Yoga Day Program 2019

International Yoga Day(20119 June 21)brought peace and harmony in the campus together with imbibing the essential values of mental, physical, spiritual discipline.Our students of classes VI-X performed a variety of yoga postures under the leadership of instructor Mr. Shaiju, The Physical Education Teacher and student leader Master Muhammed Kaise of grade IX A. The session also introduced our students to the various dimensions and practice of yoga towards strengthening the immune system and the internal cleansing of body systems.The morning assembly ended with meditation. The school is extreme...
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Aqua Fest-Water exhibition

Science department conducted "Aqua Fest" exhibition on the topic - water . Students from grade 1 to 8 exhibited various charts, working models, still models, and also various experiments with water. Students enthusiastically participated in this. The main aim of this program was to get an awareness about the precious natural resource water and also to conserve it. Various techniques of water conservation was the highlight of this program. Water experimentation enhanced their scientific skill. It was a great platform for the students to showcase their skills.
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