Administrative Block

The administrative block consists of the reception area with a large and spacious sitting area for the visitors along with adjoining Principals office, Accounts office for the convenience of students and parents.

Laboratory block

Laboratory block is occupied with different scientific equipments, models, chemicals to make learning process interesting and more understandable to students

Computer lab

Students learn computer from their basic level of growth and they are provided with high efficient computers. They are guided well to use computers.

Mathematical lab

Mathematical lab gives the student the need of mathematics in daily life and the concepts of geometry, algebra, statistics etc


Peace school library holds thousands of books from different categories like journals, education, science, entertainment, Sci-fi, fiction, literature, Poem, short story, comics, textbooks, reference etc.

Digital library

Peace school owns access to many digital archives of famous libraries to which students can login though our digital library login and read books according to their tastes. They can read through different devices as they wish

E-learning section

Students learn not only from text books but also from the internet through modern accessible methods like computers and tablets. They can find information that is relevant to them.


Peace school has very big auditorium which could hold 1000s of students at a time. Special events are conducted in peace school auditorium.

Exterior classrooms

Students are taken out of class to learn the in open area and to avoid the congestion of class rooms all time. They are let to know the nature and their surroundings

Annual Sports Meet

Sports days are to bring out outstanding students. Competitions between the students will make them work smart to achieve bigger goals.

Field Trips

Children bring out happiness and they are happy to travel and they should be aware of different culture, life styles, geography etc. Students are taken to different places with proper guidance

Peace Parenting

Peace Parenting programmes supports the positive interaction between school and home, encouraging parents to participate in the educational process.

Play Area

Students should never get bored. They are always entertained by one or other means. Many toys and tools are built up for students in the play area